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1000-pound woman surprises her family by getting engaged

It is in a teaser of 1000-Lb. Sisters that Tammy Slaton ‘s family learned that Tammy Slaton has submitted a surprise engagement. The family was stunned and wonders the reason why Tammy is in such a hurry.

Tammy didn ‘t get the reaction she wanted, as she simply called her family to announce that she had gotten engaged to her partner Caleb Willingham, whom she met at a weight loss center.

The family received this news via FaceTime, when Tammy proudly showed off her ring, receiving a confused non-verbal in return and clearly disagreeing with the decision.

It’s very fast, certainly, since the two lovers have been a couple for a month… and they plan to get married in two weeks!

What’s the rush, that’s the question on everyone’s lips in the family.

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