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12 squirrel monkeys stolen!

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12 squirrel monkeys stolen!

12 squirrel monkeys from a Louisiana zoo are missing after an alleged “targeted” theft. The monkeys from Zoosiana were reportedly kidnapped late last month.

According to reports circulating about the theft, the monkeys were taken by an individual who showed up at the zoo on January 28.

“The individual targeted the small primate facilities and specifically compromised the squirrel monkey exhibit. The individual unfortunately managed to steal 12 squirrel monkeys!” zoo officials noted.

The monkeys that were not kidnapped were quickly evaluated by the Zoosiana veterinarian and the animal care team. The monkeys were found to have no apparent health problems, which is good news.

The investigation is ongoing, but there are few clues at this time.

This theft of squirrel monkeys came just days after two tamarin monkeys from the Dallas Zoo were stolen and found in the closet of an abandoned house.

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