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200M for Dr. Dre’s catalog

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200M for Dr. Dre’s catalog

Dr. Dre doesn’t need an introduction anymore, but more importantly, he doesn’t need money, because his pockets are so deep.

However, regardless of his bank account, the legendary Doctor has sold his music catalog for over $200 million, according to Variety!

Dre ‘s catalog includestwo solo albums, his share of N.W.A. artists’ royalties , his producer’s royalties and the writer’s share of his song catalog.

The offer in question reportedly does not include ownership rights to the Doctor ‘s Aftermath label (and Interscope Records).

Dre is valued at $820 million, and he is close to signing a deal with Shamrock Holdings and Universal Music Group.

According to the report, one of the founders of the legendary band N.W.A. will receive $10 million a year until the $200 million is paid in full!

Just like that, this monstrous piece of work comes a few months after Dre agreed to award $100 million to Nicole Young, his ex-wife, for the settlement of assets.

Recall that last week, Dre stopped Marjorie Taylor Greene from using his music through social networks through his lawyer Peter Paterno.

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