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5 trends to watch this spring!

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5 trends to watch this spring!

This year, if there was one thing to remember about New York Fashion Week, it’s to combine the practical with the pleasurable!

Whether you’re going out for a romantic meal or a picnic in the park, there’s no rule that says you can’t feel elegant… and comfortable at the same time!

The return of the bodysuit

Let’s start with the first trend: the bodysuit, or leotard.
The beauty of the leotard, commonly known as a bodysuit, is that whatever your size or body type, it will hug your shape and define your silhouette.

It’s possible to find more sporty bodysuits, like this one, but also more chic and elegant.

Prices average between $10 and $50 in stores like Garage or Dynamite.

Transparent clothing!

Now for a second obvious trend: sheer clothing.
Sheer tops are versatile; they can be worn in many different ways.

Whether with a simple camisole underneath, a bralette or nothing at all, it goes with any bottom you have in your wardrobe: jeans, a skirt, cargo pants, work pants…

It’s up to you!

For no less than $6 at Zara, for example, it’ll be the star piece of your look, and all the while a pleasure to wear.

Don’t hide those shoulders

As for the third trend… we want to keep our shoulders clear!
What could be better than an off-the-shoulder top to create a comfortable, feminine look?

The top could just as easily be floral, for a more spring-like look, or dark, for an evening look, and the result would be the same: a revealing look that’s also easy to wear.

For prices ranging from $10 to $50… we say yes!

Bermuda shorts

The fourth trend, and one we’re particularly fond of, is Bermuda shorts!

Bermuda shorts are the current alternative when it comes to women’s shorts .

Say goodbye to chafing thighs and booty shorts, and make way for boyfriend-style Bermuda shorts!

The beauty of these shorts is that they can be worn both in a more feminine look, with a crop top, and in a more masculine look, with a shirt and your best pair of shoes!

Prices often range from $15 to $60 in popular stores like Simons, for example.

Did you say utility wear?

Finally, the fifth trend is utility wear.
This trend is characterized by a large number of pockets and compartments all over a piece of clothing.

It’s a more streetwear look, but can also be found in more classic looks.

As for prices, given the greater quantity of fabric, we’re talking more in the $50 to $150 range.

That’s it!

Which trend will you incorporate into your spring looks?

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