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A cold war bunker has become an Airbnb
An unusual Airbnb can be found on the side of New Mexico. We can even point out that this type of Airbnb is unique in the world and very eccentric for a hot night. It is a bunker dating back to the cold war.

This shelter to counter the harmful effects of radiation, for example, is now a refuge that is for rent for travelers. It is a short-term rental and not for several weeks like a “standard” Airbnb.

Inside it, there is a bedroom for two people and a bathroom.

Jam Press/Airbnb
Jam Press/Airbnb
More photos can be accessed HERE.

On the ad for the publication, the following statement can be found:

“Get ready for one of the most impressive tours included in the price of your stay.”

The floor of the bunker is said to be original, while part of it has been renovated to give a “home-like” feel with all the amenities of a residence. Wi-Fi is actually available in this underground home.

The house rents for $450 and is located in the town of Roswell, and according to some beliefs, this place is the site of a “supposed” UFO crash.

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