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A giant squid filmed in Japan!

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A giant squid filmed in Japan!
A giant squid of 2.5 meters long that was swimming off the west coast of the Japanese archipelago was caught on camera by two Japanese divers, completely dazzled by this scene.

Yosuke Tanaka and his wife Miki went to meet the friendly squid, when a fishing tackle salesman contacted them after spotting this huge piece near the surface.

Tanaka and Miki said the squid’s movements were not very agile, its tentacles and fins moved very slowly. It looked weak, and pieces of skin were likely coming off its body.

Its size and eyes, however, were striking, even frightening, according to Tanaka, who would be curious to see the squid’s strength against a whale.

The couple is very lucky to have been able to observe such a creature, since these rarely wander in the sea, they rather hang out in nearby waters.

In short, we are talking about a very rare creature about which we don’t know many things.

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