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A leopard terrifies a community and injures six people

A savage attack by a leopard took place in the upscale DHA Phase II neighborhood of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

The spotted feline, clearly domesticated, managed to escape from its cage in the courtyard of a house and terrorized the city for just over six hours.

In the process, the leopard injured six people, and according to reports, one of them died as a result of the attack.

This moment of horror and/or madness terrified an entire community as the beast fled, attacking a pedestrian on the street and then climbing a wall to continue its terror.

Wildlife officers obviously got involved in the leopard hunt, even shooting at the leopard, which did not prevent them from being mauled by the beast.

Finally, the wildlife officers managed to subdue the big cat with darts, and then brought it to the animal rescue center of the Islamabad zoo.

It is important to note that the possession of wild animals is not allowed in this country, which immediately opened an investigation after the arrest of a suspect who is accused of attempted murder and negligent conduct towards animals.

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