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A posthumous memoir of Lisa Marie Presley published by her daughter in 2024

Riley Keough, Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter, announced in a moving message on social networks that she would be paying tribute to her mother by publishing her posthumous biography.

Scheduled for release on October 15, the memoir will offer an intimate look at the Presleys’ life, revealing stories and insights into Lisa Marie Presley’s turbulent career and life.

Lisa Marie Presley was just 54 when she tragically died of a heart attack on January 12, 2023.

The autopsy revealed that her premature death was due to complications related to an intestinal obstruction.

Riley Keough’s authorized biography promises to reveal the most intimate memories of the Presley family and Riley’s life, featuring some of her mother’s own words.

Random House, which is publishing the project, calls the memoir a tribute to the mother-daughter bond.

In the book, several aspects will be addressed, including Lisa Marie’s relationship with her father and her complicated dynamic with Priscilla. Other topics include her love life, including her marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, as well as the devastating suicide of Benjamin Keough.

This forthcoming book will therefore be a tribute to Lisa Marie, but with the added bonus of Riley’s point of view, a valuable insight into the story of one of the most famous families in entertainment history.

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