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A powerful tribute to Gino Odjick
Gino Odjick died of a heart attack last Sunday at the age of 52. Of course, as he was a much loved man, many tributes were raised to mark his passing on earth.

The Vancouver Canucks, with whom Gino played from 1990 to 1998, offered him a colossal tribute, in the image of the man and the player he was. At that time, along with his dear friend Pavel Bure, he was a fan favorite of the Vancouver Canucks.

Before the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, many of his former teammates from Maniwaki were invited to the Rogers Arena rink. In addition, all Canucks players wore the classic black jersey with the number 29 that Odjick once wore.

Odjick stood tall on the ice, had Bure’s and his teammates’ backs, and was an inspiration to them, just as he was to the First Nations.

Odjick played a total of 605 games in the National Hockey League, amassing 2567 penalty minutes and 137 points with the Canucks, Islanders, Flyers and Montreal Canadiens to conclude his career.

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