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A scandal linked to a film inspired by true events is embarrassing Sandra Bullock
A former NFL player, whose story was depicted in the film The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock as his adoptive mother, claims to have been exploited by this family, who would never have adopted him, but rather put him under guardianship in order to exploit him financially!

Michael Oher now claims that the family who wanted to adopt him did not use adoption papers, but rather guardianship papers, thus ensuring themselves of significant financial control over the young man, as well as having decision-making power over his professional career.

Michael Oher, born in 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee, has had to face many difficulties. With an unstable family life, he grew up poor and homeless. Oher’s life took a major turn in 2004 when the Tuohy’s, a wealthy couple, spotted Oher out at night and offered him a place to stay. It was this stable family environment that helped Oher develop his interest in soccer.

However, Oher now has a completely different version of what really happened…

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In a triumphant moment in her career, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her remarkable performance in 2010’s The Blind Side as Oher’s adoptive mother, but in the wake of recent developments, let’s just say that Bullock’s performance and relationship with the film are tainted in the eyes of many.

This is because the Tuohys would have benefited financially from the film’s revenues with a starting sum of $225,000, plus 2.5% of all net revenues defined in the future. Michael Oher, for his part, would have received nothing from the sale of the rights to his story, since this matter would have been negotiated under the guardianship contract.

A story to follow…

Sandra Bullock has just lost her long-time lover to a long illness, so probably does not need a scandal right now.

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