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A seemingly disturbed fan rushes Drew Barrymore on stage

Drew Barrymore had quite a scare during an interview with actress and singer Reneé Rapp when, in the middle of the discussion, a man rushed at her!

According to TMZ, Barrymore was participating in a 92NY panel with singer Reneé Rapp about her upcoming album last Monday, when something quickly caught Barrymore’s attention in the crowd as a man rushed toward her. Upon arriving near the star, he reportedly said to her:

“You know who I am, I need to see you at some point!”

Both stars, frightened, rushed backstage as security members tried to chase the man off the stage.

Images of the event quickly went viral, and it’s clear that Barrymore and Rapp were completely taken aback by the deranged individual.

Still according to TMZ, the man was not arrested by the police during the incident.

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