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A skier miraculously survives a descent into hell

These images of a French skier who miraculously survives a descent into hell and sees death from close range have quickly gone viral…

Indeed, the skier in his thirties who was going to practice his sport as usual was simply filming himself when he fell into a crevasse that he is surely not ready to forget…

According to L’Obsthe man who was on the Girose glacier located in the town of La Grave (Hautes-Alpes) has recently shared the said video, which dates from 2022, on the Instagram account of his skiers’ collective.

You’re probably wondering how the man got out of it…

Fortunately, he was accompanied by members of his group who would have sent him a rope.

The man could then have climbed back up thanks to his climbing equipment!

This proves that you should never ski alone and without any equipment!

How would you have reacted in such a situation?

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