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A woman missing since 1980 has been found
Dale Nancy Wyman had been missing since 1980. She was found 42 years later, but unfortunately, she recently passed away.

Earlier this week, police in Nancy Wyman’s hometown of Ottawa said a woman who has been missing since July 16, 1980, had been out of the country for all those years, Global reported.

A press release filed more details about this, stating that the family of the lady in question had been contacted by an individual, who announced Wyman’s death.

Wyman was not kidnapped, but she left her parents’ home, with a suitcase, called a cab and never return.

The cab driver, who was the last person to see Wyman, then 22 years old, noted that she spoke with two people at a terminal, only to never see her again.

More than forty years later, after the family had long believed she was in Alberta, the case is closed, despite the bad news.

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