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Aaron Hernandez’s brother arrested for vandalizing ESPN offices

Dennis “D.J.”Hernandez, the brother of Aaron Hernandez, reportedly experienced a bipolar episode less than three weeks before the cops got hold of him, according to information delivered by TMZ.

Dennis Hernandez was arrested aftera wild chase with the police on the roads of Connecticut.

“D.J.” is formally accused of throwing a brick and a handwritten note into the ESPN offices in Bristol, three weeks before the cops put him in handcuffs, while driving his silver Hyundai.

TMZ managed to get their hands on the documents from the authorities and they indicate that Hernandez’s mother states that her 36-year-old son was acting very strangely and that she thought he needed a psychological evaluation.

The document also states that D.J. was experiencing a bipolar episode… and that he drove that way in Connecticut in order to get arrested because he no longer wanted to stay with his mother.

In the end, Hernandez was committed to Bristol Hospital for an emergency examination and will have to go to court in early April for vandalizing infrastructure, in addition to several other charges against him.

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