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Aaron Sorkin blames Facebook for Capitol Hill attack
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Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter behind series such as The West Wing and The Newsroom, as well as the film about Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, The Social Network, has revealed that he is considering directing a sequel exploring Facebook’s role in the events of January 6, 2021.

Aaron Sorkin told The Town podcast that he believes Facebook played an important role in the spread of false information that led to the Capitol Hill riots. These events inspired his upcoming project, which will provide an in-depth analysis between social media and democracy.

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Aaron Sorkin severely criticizes Facebook and its business practices. He highlights two main aspects. Firstly, he claims that Facebook’s algorithm encourages user engagement by promoting content likely to provoke conflict or discord, indicating that the platform places excessive importance on stimulating engagement, even to the detriment of content quality.

Secondly, Sorkin points out that Facebook seems to prioritize the growth and expansion of its business without concern for the ethical consequences of its actions, suggesting that the platform is more focused on its own profits than on the well-being of society.

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These two critical points reveal a pessimistic view of Facebook’s impact on society, calling into question its influence.

Sorkin has long hinted at a sequel to The Social Network, wishing that such a film would only be made with director David Fincher. However, it seems that the screenwriter is finally determined to bring his ideas, which he has been developing since 2020, to life.

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Aaron Sorkin won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on The Social Network, based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. The film explores the conflicts surrounding the creation of Facebook under the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg, reflecting the realities of technological entrepreneurship. What follows could reveal the unforeseen effects this kind of power can have on society.

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Sorkin has long voiced his concerns about Facebook’s growing impact on society, and the increasingly important role social media plays in politics is certainly a crucial topic to tackle in The Social Network 2.

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