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Actress Jena Malone opens up about her sexual orientation and career
Jena Malone just recently came out on Instagram.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, American actress Jena Malone opened up about her sexual orientation and her career. Well known for many years, Jena Malone will very soon appear in a brand new film by director Mr. Cahill, Adopting Audrey.

The actress says unequivocally that this is her “best performance to date” and that the film has allowed her to explore new aspects of herself.

Speaking of “new aspects of herself,” the actress opened up about her recent coming out that she did via her Instagram account a few days ago. It was in a touching post that she explained that her sexuality is fluid and that she could define herself as pansexual.

Pansexuality is defined as “physical, sexual, emotional or romantic attraction to any person, regardless of sex or gender.”

When discussing her coming out, Jena Malone explains that she had been thinking about it for quite some time and that the revelation felt great.

Discovering her sexuality has been a “beautiful journey” and that she loves discovering more about herself and the people around her. She feels fortunate to have a loving family who fully supports her for who she is.

By the way, the actress grew up with two mothers, then after their separation, one remarried to a man and the other to a woman. So Jena Malone has always had great examples of openness and non-judgmental exploration of sexual and gender identity.

This kind of testimony from a star is so inspiring! We wish Jena Malone much happiness and love as she continues her journey of self-discovery.

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