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After Kate Bush, It’s Metallica’s turn to benefit from ‘Strangers Things’
The song Master of Puppets by Metallica has been given a second life in the Netflix TV series Stranger Things.

The latest season of the TV series is making a big deal out of songs from the 1980s. A few weeks ago, Stranger Things revived an old Kate Bush song, Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God). The latter can be happy about this unexpected success that generates big revenues.

This time, it’s the American metal band’s turn Metallica to benefit from the success ofNetflix‘s Stranger Things to rake in the millions.Master of Puppets, released in 1986, currently sits at #1 on the iTunes rock chart and #29 on the overall iTunes chart, alongside many new hits.

Master of Puppets The song can be heardduring a crucial scene involving the character Eddie in the fourth season finale.

Stranger Things is one of the most popular series of Netflix since its launch.

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