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Alec Baldwin settles with Halyna Hutchins’ family

Alec Baldwin and the family of Halyna Hutchins, the woman who was killed on the set of the 2021 film Rust, have reached an agreement on an amount in the lawsuit against the 64-year-old actor, producers and other crew members, according to a statement from Baldwin’s attorney.

The amount, however, was not disclosed…

With this agreement, the film will be able to resume shooting (in 2023) and Matthew Hutchins, the spouse of the late Halyna, will become the executive producer of the film and he will, of course, reap a portion of the profits, again according to the statement.

Director Joel Souza, meanwhile, will resume his role as well. He was injured during this sad tragedy.

Through this grief, he is happy for this opportunity to now conclude what he and Halyna started.

Obviously, Rust ‘s “finishing” will honor Halyna’s legacy, who would certainly be proud of this turn of events, according to Souza.

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