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An angry 50 Cent injures radio host at show

Angry after having received several faulty microphones during a concert, 50 Cent allegedly violently threw one of them off the stage… but the microphone hit the head of a woman in the crowd, seriously injuring her.

The incident reportedly took place last Wednesday evening during a concert at the Arena in Los Angeles. The video of the rapper throwing the object quickly went viral on social networks.

According to TMZ, the victim had to be taken to hospital for treatment following a deep laceration to her forehead.

An investigation has been launched by the Los Angeles Police Department, as the young woman, a local radio host, claims that 50 Cent knew she was there before she threw the microphone.

Bryhana Monegain, host at the popular Power 106 station, claims that the gesture was deliberate and that it was an assault.

A story to follow…

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