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Anne Heche: her son takes her defense

“He’s as strong as he can be.”

As actress Anne Heche remains in extremely critical condition following her serious car accident last week, her 20-year-old son, Homer, is taking the lead in advocating for “the best care” for his mother.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that the actress is surrounded by family members hoping for a recovery.

“Her family is on edge, just praying.”

Revealing that Homer is taking the lead in making sure his mother gets the best care, the source explained:

“He’s as strong as he can be. The family is ready (…) if she wakes up. Everyone is waiting for that to happen.”

It was on Friday, Aug. 5, that Heche crashed her Mini Cooper into a house just before 11 a.m. in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.

It took nearly 60 firefighters to save her from the wreckage, which started an uncontrollable fire, Heche was rushed to a nearby hospital with burns, and the house became uninhabitable.

The fiery car crash was his third car accident in 30 minutes.

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