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Ashton Kutcher is furious with Demi Moore!
Ashton Kutcher admitted that he was really mad to be back in the tabloids, and this was several years after his most publicized breakup, when his ex Demi Moore revealed all the details of their relationship (and their divorce) in her memoir entitled Inside Outpublished in 2019.

It was in an interview with Esquire that the actor in turn opened up about this dark period.

“Nothing makes you feel like a failure like divorce,” says Kutcher as his personal life was back in the spotlight.

Looking back, Ashton Kutcher notably blames his age, when he was just 25, for their failed marriage. He became stepfather to Demi (who was 41) and Bruce Willis’ three young children (ages 8 to 12)… and the star says it was a huge burden to bear.

The pressure of always being in the tabloids got the better of him as he was highly critical of the media at the time on Twitter.

The actor says he now understands that it was stupid to complain about things you contribute to.

The father of two now recognizes the importance of keeping family life private… which he and Mila Kunis do pretty well!

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