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Bella, Cara, Lauren, Karlie and Ashley: Pirelli unveils its 2023 calendar!
Pirelli presented its 2023 calendar and through it, we find renowned models, including Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss,Ashley Graham, He Cong, Precious Lee, Lila Moss and Adut Akech.

The concept is called Love Letters to the Muse and all the shots were taken by Australian photographer Emma Summerton.

The models are not presented with fine lingerie, but rather dressed in a very artistic way, with looks that are totally out of the ordinary and that represent different muses. A concept that Pirelli says it has a great affinity with.

14 models were photographed for this 49th edition of the calendar named “The Cal”. Each of the models has its own pseudonym, like “The Tech Savant” or “The Performer”.

Lauren Wasser, a model and athlete who had both legs amputated, has the nickname “The Athlete”.

“I am fascinated by women who do extraordinary and creative things, women who, starting with my mother, have inspired me throughout my life and career. People from whom I have learned a lot: writers, photographers, poets, actresses and directors. So my idea was to celebrate these extraordinary women and create a world in which to represent them,” said the photographer in an interview.

Remember that the Pirelli calendar first appeared in the 1960s and has evolved greatly since then.

Here is another video of the photo shoot with the models:

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