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Benedict Cumberbatch and his family terrorized by a knife-wielding man!

A 35-year-old man clearly had a lot of anger towards actor Benedict Cumberbatch when he showed up at Cumberbatch’s London residence, while his wife and three children were inside!

The man, armed with a knife, reportedly shouted, “I know you moved here, I hope it burns!”, referring to Cumberbatch’s property.

According to TMZ, the man in crisis then attacked the plants outside the residence in addition to ripping out the wall-mounted Intercom.

He reportedly fled before police arrived, but DNA was taken from the scene, leading to his arrest.

The suspect known to police was slapped with a three-year restraining order, and offered no explanation as to why he targeted the actor (or his plants)!

Getty Images

Fortunately, this incident ended well, but this story must certainly have caused many sleepless nights for the actor and his family…

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