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Billie Eilish stalked by a disturbing man

A man “in love” with music star Billie Eilish broke into her family home on several occasions.

This very distressing situation for the star and her family began in December when the 39-year-old man would have shown up at the residence of Billie Eilish’s parents, where the singer is very often, claiming to be “in love” and asking to meet her.

The police would have been called no less than five times in connection with this man, who was seen in particular wanting to climb the fence of the residence!

This time it was too much for the young singer!

Eilish, who is tired of living in fear and anxiety, has filed an injunction against this obviously disturbed man. The star also specifies in her request to the judge that she does not dare to see her family since these incidents began, and that she fears for their safety.

This situation must bring back bad memories to the singer since this is at least the second such request she has made.

In 2020, a man threatened the star and tried to break into her residence.

He was banned from approaching her by a judge for a period of three years.

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