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Billionaire Lawrence Stroll to sell Circuit Mont-Tremblant
Lawrence Stroll, the owner of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team has decided to divest himself of the Circuit Mont-Tremblant and hand over the reins to Gad Bitton, a Montreal businessman.

The information started circulating last night on some sites, but the transaction in question would have been completed last July, without anything leaking through the media.

Bitton owns the luxury car rental company called Holand Leasing owns the luxury car rental company, which in turn owns several prestigious car dealerships in Montreal, Laval, Quebec City and even in Florida.

In a press release about the transaction, Bitton stressed the importance of keeping this historically valuable track in Quebec hands. Bitton and his group assured that they would continue to operate the racetrack as it should be.

Lawrence Stroll , whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at $2.9 billion (US ), made his fortune in fashion. A racing enthusiast, he got his hands on British luxury car maker Aston Martin in January 2020. The following year, he entered this brand in the F1 championship. His son Lance Stroll is one of the team’s two starting drivers, the other being four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel.

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