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Blink-182 member sings a Blink-182 hit with the Colorado Avalanche crowd

Mark Hoppus, one of the singers and founding members of the band Blink-182, marked the Colorado Avalanche’s opening game during banner night by singing the hit “All the Small Things” with the crowd.

Note that this song was originally sung by Tom DeLonge, who has been back with the band for a few days now in preparation for a tour and album in 2023.

That said, the reason Hoppus was on hand to accompany the crowd’s singing was because of the team’s fans who went viral with their Blink-182 chants in the playoffs.

Hoppus, who just recently beat cancer, actually opened up to Av‘s fans:

“What a season, what a team! Congratulations, you did it! Stanley Cup champions! Thank you so much for taking our group with you; it means a lot to us. Let’s do it again next season!”

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