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Bomb threat to judge’s home in Trump civil trial

Just hours before closing arguments in Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, Judge Engoron, who presides over the trial, was the victim of a bomb threat at his home.

Nassau County police quickly investigated the incident and determined that the call was unfounded.

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The trial will go ahead on schedule despite this worrying event, but security has been tightened around Judge Engoron. The prosecution and defense will deliver their final arguments in front of the courtroom, whose security has also been reinforced.

The former president, who had indicated his intention to participate directly in his defense’s closing arguments, had his request denied by Judge Engoron as Trump refused to obey certain rules, including refraining from criticizing New York Attorney General Letitia James or her team and avoiding turning his closing arguments into a campaign speech.

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But this incident intensifies the already palpable tension surrounding Trump’s many legal proceedings, since Judge Engoron isn’t the first to have a link to various Trump court cases and fall victim to this kind of maneuvering.

Judge Engoron is expected to render his decision by the end of the month.

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