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Bradley Cooper’s facial hair raises many questions
Credit: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper’s recent appearance on the streets of New York caught people’s attention.

The actor was photographed sporting an unconventionally trimmed beard, which sparked a lively reaction.

Indeed, what is arguably the among the worst facial hair look in history is raising quite a few questions!

This unexpected change of look has left few indifferent, and many are wondering what motivations might lie behind such a transformation.

Bradley Cooper’s bold new look is distinguished by his usual beard, but while almost all the hair on his chin has been carefully shaved off.

This unusual beard style gives the impression that Bradley Cooper might have lost a bet, flaunting a singular look. It also raises the possibility that he’s in full preparation for an upcoming role, adopting this change to immerse himself in his character.

Getty Images

Whatever the case, the actor’s unexpected new look has naturally prompted comparisons with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

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