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Britney Spears reunites with her mother and shuts down many rumors in the process

After accusing her mother Lynne Spears of betrayal when Britney was finally released from her father’s long guardianship last year, it would appear that the mother-daughter relationship has improved a little, so much so that Lynne was invited to the singer’s residence last week.

According to TMZ, the two have started exchanging text messages lately, greatly easing the tension that has existed since Britney’s virulent accusations against her mother.

Lynne, who lives in Louisiana, was flown to Los Angeles and taken to Britney’s residence, where the two chatted for around thirty minutes in the presence of the singer’s husband, Sam Asghari.

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This is the beginning of an unexpected family reconciliation following the emotional wounds left by the star’s guardianship, which many, including Britney herself, felt was unjustified!


It’s also a fitting conclusion to a tumultuous few weeks for Britney Spears, who has been the target of several allegations and rumors of significant mental health problems, and even divorce, in the days leading up to it.

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