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Bruce Willis’ wife breaks into tears on his birthday, says she feels “sadness every day”
Bruce Willis looks like he had a happy 68th birthday with his wife Emma Heming Willis, his kids and his ex, Demi Moore!

This is indeed what we can see in a video posted on Instagram by Demi Moore herself, as everyone sings to her Happy Birthday and Willis blows out her birthday candles.

But living with a diagnosis of dementia also brings its share of difficulties for the actor, but also his loved ones, starting with his wife, Emma.

The latter burst into tears a few times while trying to document her famous husband’s birthday.

“I started the morning crying […] I just think it’s important for you to see all sides of this,” she says in a video posted on Instagram.

She goes on to explain that people tell her, “You’re so strong. I don’t know how you do it!”, but that the truth is she doesn’t really have a choice.

“I’m not given a choice. I wish I was. […] But, I’m also raising two kids in this. So, sometimes in our lives, we have to put on our big girl pants and get it done. And that’s what I do,” Emma Heming Willis says with aplomb.

“I have moments of sadness every day, grief every day and I really feel it today on his birthday!” she concluded, in this touching message.

Emma also posted a video montage of Bruce, which was certainly the source of many of her tears…

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