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Bruce Willis’ wife to publish book on her role as caregiver
Credit: WennCover
Emma Heming Willis, wife of Bruce Willis, has announced that she will be writing a memoir about her experiences as a caregiver.

The book, due for release in 2025, aims to provide a supportive and reflective guide for those who have to care for someone with dementia, in particular.

Diagnosed in 2022

The Willis family revealed that Bruce Willis was diagnosed in 2022 with aphasia, a communication disorder that impairs language. They explained that it was this illness that forced the actor to end his career. A year after the initial diagnosis, a darker one – frontal temporal dementia (FTD) – confirmed his symptoms, which included difficulty speaking, confusion, emotional struggle and memory problems. The Los Angeles Times had previously reported on Willis’s orientation difficulties, reporting that cognitive problems were impacting her work.

Emma Heming Willis candidly explains that dementia affects not only the person diagnosed, but the whole family. Speaking to Today, she explained that dementia is a real family problem, the effects of which are felt by everyone in the household.

An effort of support and hope

Heming Willis describes the book as an effort of support and hope. It will include interviews, expert advice and personal anecdotes. The book is designed to be available in clinics or doctor’s offices where the diagnosis is made, and to be a resource for caregivers who have just learned the shocking news.

Bruce Heming Willis and Emma Heming Willis are married and have two daughters.

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