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Cardi B sued for copyright infringement

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Cardi B sued for copyright infringement
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Cardi B is being sued for nearly $50 million in damages for copyright infringement in her 2024 song Enough (Miami). The rapper is accused of having sampled without authorization part of Greasy Frybread, a 2021 track by Texas musicians Joshua Fraustro and Miguel Aguilar, known as Kemika 1956.

The two artists filed their complaint on Wednesday, alleging that plagiarism by Cardi B and her team has caused significant damage to their reputations and revenues.

Producers DJ SwanQo and OG Parker, as well as record companies Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group, are also implicated in the claim.

Fraustro and Aguilar are also seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent any further distribution or public performance of Enough (Miami), in addition to demanding the destruction of all copies of Cardi B’s song and an official declaration that they own the copyright to Greasy Frybread.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the plaintiffs claim financial loss, irreparable damage to their reputation as artists and that their song has been used for Cardi B’s commercial gain.


Cardi B’s new album, CB2, could be affected by this lawsuit.

Cardi B has yet to respond publicly to these allegations.

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