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Carlos Sainz breaks the Netflix Cup trophy!

A rather unusual moment occurred when Carlos Sainz celebrated his team’s victory at a golf competition organized by Netflix, on the sidelines of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, and featuring Formula 1 stars and PGA Tour players representing Netflix’s sports documentaries Drive to Survive and Full Swing, while Sainz smashed the trophy awarded to the victorious team!

The competition took place at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas last Tuesday, and it was the first ever Netflix Cup where Formula 1 stars and PGA Tour players represented Netflix’s popular sports documentaries Drive to Survive and Full Swing.

While officially celebrating his victory, along with professional golfer Justin Thomas, Sainz dropped the Netflix Cup in a rather amusing and unfortunate accident, especially when it broke into several pieces.

The winners, wearing checkered jackets to match the checkered flag theme of motor racing, were obviously in shock when Sainz accidentally dropped the Netflix Cup trophy, while also holding a bottle of champagne in his hands.

Needless to say, the incident quickly made the rounds on social networks, and the video shared by ESPN had received over two million views at the time of writing!

Nevertheless, the driver seemed very happy with his day.

“Champions of the first ever Netflix Cup! Couldn’t have asked for a better partner,” he wrote on Instagram.

The tournament was the first sporting event to be broadcast live on Netflix!

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