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Céline Dion describes terrible symptoms in NBC interview
Credit: Capture/NBC

Céline Dion gave an exclusive interview to NBC on the heels of the launch of her docu-series on Prime.

In the interview, an excerpt of which was revealed by the American network, we can see a Céline Dion in great shape, but visibly affected psychologically by her diagnosis, as she suffers from Stiff Person Syndrome, explaining to interviewer Hoda Kotb the intensity of some of her symptoms.

Uncontrollable voice, violent spasms (to the point of having the potential to break bones), the singer describes her symptoms vividly.

This may well dampen the current theories circulating that the Charlemagne diva is due to sing at the Paris Olympics in the near future.

But it wouldn’t be the first surprise Céline has had in store for us since the start of her career…

The complete NBC interview will be broadcast in its entirety on June 11.

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