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Charlotte Cardin gets a call… from Jim Carrey!

Charlotte Cardin, who’s about to release a brand-new album, 99 Nights, has also come up with a brand-new single.

It’s a new single entitled Jim Carrey, in which she reveals all her love for the actor, but also offers a powerful message.

“My song Jim Carrey is out everywhere. I wrote this one with very close friends, during a summer where making songs laughing at my existential crisis was easier than crying about it. @jason_brando introduced me to jim carrey’s brilliant inspirational speeches and we came up with the idea of writing a song about me needing to marry jim, my life guru, in order to free myself from the claws of my evil ego. writing this song over the course of a few weeks with my friends was truly the most fun I’ve ever had in the studio. to my indecisive/self-doubting/who tf am I moments, I dedicate this song. and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night (if u know u know),” the singer first explained after the single’s release.

This new musical outing didn’t go unnoticed by Jim Carrey himself, who took the time to give Cardin a surprise phone call!

A call that understandably got the young singer very emotional!

“Guys, I kid you not, I just got a phone call from Jim Carrey. It’s 1000% real, I’m shaking posting this story,” she says!

“This photo was taken one second after the best phone call of my life. Jim Carrey called me this morning, saying he loves the song and the message of the song (…) My hero happens to be even more gracious and amazing than I already thought he was,” Charlotte adds in another Instagram story .

Wow, a call she’ll never forget!

And you, what’s your best call ever?

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