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CNN: Don Lemon accused of being misogynistic and cultivating a toxic work environment

Don Lemon, one of CNN’s star hosts, has been in hot water for weeks when he suggested that Republican presidential candidate Nikky Haley is no longer in her prime… at 51!

But according to several Variety sources, Lemon has been making misogynistic comments for a long time, even cultivating a toxic climate at work… since 2008!

This is what emerges from a shocking article by Variety. Don Lemon was even taken off the air during a commercial break in 2008 because he had made derogatory remarks towards his co-host at the time, Kyra Phillips.

The situation reportedly escalated when she was deployed by CNN to Iraq, when Don Lemon was reportedly angry that the assignment was taken away from him.

Phillips reportedly received some anonymous threats via text message.

According to a Variety source, an internal investigation linked the texts directly to Lemon!

Variety has reportedly spoken with a large number of colleagues (current and former) who describe Don Lemon as someone who has bent the rules on numerous occasions and displayed open hostility toward many female colleagues.


Is it time to cancel Don Lemon?

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