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CNN in crisis, CEO fired

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CNN in crisis, CEO fired
Just over a year after being named CEO of CNN, Chris Licht has finally been sacked, and this after a series of bad decisions and an absolutely catastrophic Town Hall with former president and US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

There’s been a noticeably more rightward turn at CNN of late, under Licht’s instructions, and protests from the network’s loyal listeners have been rife, and have been for months… those same listeners leaving the network for good, red flags the new CEO seemingly ignored!

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But it was the controversial Town Hall with Trump that was of course the nail in Licht’s coffin, instantly attracting nearly three million viewers, but with devastating repercussions for the fanbase in the days that followed!


Several executives, including David Leavy, will take over at CNN while the network finds a new CEO, and let’s hope he or she succeeds in restoring CNN’s precious credibility lost over the past year!

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