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Cowboys and 49ers fans get in ugly street fight
During the divisional playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys lost 19-12 to the excellent San Francisco 49ers and following this setback, fans got into a wild fight at AT&T Stadium.

In the footage, we see a fan wearing a CeeDee Lamb jersey who challenged an individual wearing an Ezekiel Elliott jersey, and he fell heavily to the ground.

As a result, a flurry of punches started to fall, as it went very heavily into each other’s faces.

Of course, after a couple of punches were exchanged, other fans intervened, pelting Elliott’s fan with kicks and punches. Luckily, the fight suddenly stopped, leaving several marks on a few faces.

In addition, there was another fight at the end of the duel, where several people pushed each other and tried to hit each other.

Security guards worked hard to disperse the fans, who continued to try to punch each other in the face.

According to reports, no arrests have been made, although police have been contacted.

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