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Cristiano Ronaldo counterattacks a false accuser

Cristiano Ronaldo is suing an American woman’s lawyer for $626,000 after the lawyer falsely accused him of rape in order to get millions from the soccer star.

According to the Portuguese international’s attorneys, plaintiff Kathryn Mayorga‘s lawyer Leslie Mark Stovall is responsible for the failed lawsuit that sought to extract millions of dollars from the star by alleging that he raped a woman in Las Vegas nearly a decade earlier.

In a court document, the lawyer of Cristiano Ronaldo in a court document, the lawyer of Cristiano Ronaldo, Peter Christiansen, asks the judge to make the woman’s lawyer personally liable for the amount.

On June 10, Judge Jennifer Dorsey in her 42-page order removed the case from court to punish attorney Stovall for his “bad-faith conduct” and improper use of leaked and stolen documents to pursue the case.

Stovall “crossed the border of ethical behavior before he filed this action, and his disregard for the rules of this court has continued unabated,” the judge ruled. She added that Cristiano Ronaldo had been harmed by Stovall’s conduct.

The whole story involves Kathryn Mayorga, a former model and teacher who lives in the Las Vegas area. The American woman claimed that she met Cristiano Ronaldo at a nightclub and went with him and others to his hotel suite, where he allegedly assaulted her in a room. She was 25 at the time. He was 24.

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s defense does not dispute that the Manchester United star met Kathryn Mayorga and that they had relations in June 2009, but maintains that they were consensual.

Cristiano Ronaldo, now 37, is one of the world’s highest paid and best known sports stars.

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