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Cyclists attacked by a cougar

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Cyclists attacked by a cougar
Credit: Getty Images
It was a nightmare for a group of cyclists on a peaceful ride when they were attacked by a cougar east of Seattle, Washington. A 60-year-old woman in the group sustained serious injuries to her neck, face and jaw during the horrific experience.

According to witnesses, two cougars were reported shortly before the attack on a group of cyclists. The cyclists used a bicycle to contain the animal until help arrived. One cougar was shot by wildlife officers, but the search for the second has so far been unsuccessful.

A tragedy was narrowly averted; the victim, despite severe upper body injuries, is in stable condition at Harborview Medical Center.

Getty Images
In the event of an animal attack, the wildlife agency recommends remaining aggressive, speaking firmly and using any available object to fight the beast.

Cougar attacks are very rare. According to one study, over the past 100 years, Washington State has recorded just two fatal attacks and around 20 encounters resulting in injury.

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