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Death toll rises in Hawaii as devastating wildfires rage on

It’s horror and devastation in Hawaii as residents have been taken completely by surprise by a powerful fire that is currently ravaging parts of Hawaii and most recently the town of Lahaina, destroying everything in its path.

Lahaina is said to have been completely destroyed by the flames, which experts believe were fueled by high winds caused by the distant passage of Category 4 Hurricane Dora.

According to the Associated Press, 89 deaths have already been attributed to the devastating fires ravaging much of the island, at the time of writing, and many people are missing, leaving us to fear the worst.

While the majority of tourists have already left Hawaii, several hundred are still expected to evacuate over the next few days.

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to know when the situation will be brought under control, as despite more than 150,000 gallons of water being used by the authorities to try to contain the fire, it is still raging, and its devastation is leaving many islanders homeless.

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