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Democrats want a ‘Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institution’
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House Democrats propose renaming a Miami federal prison after former President Donald Trump satirically, in response to a Republican proposal to rename Washington Dulles International Airport after him.

Three Democrats, Gerry Connolly of Virginia, Jared Moskowitz of Florida and John Garamendi of California, proposed sarcastically renaming the Miami Federal Correctional Institution to Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institution. The idea, sounding almost comical, is an ironic response to the Republican proposal to rename Dulles Airport in Virginia to Donald J. Trump International Airport.

Gerry Connolly, Dulles Airport District Representative, proposed renaming the prison in response to the Republican initiative. He insisted, on behalf of the Democratic Party, that renaming the prison after Trump would be the only tribute he truly deserved. Connolly argued that the Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institution would sound much better.

For his part, Florida’s Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitzleft a quip For his part, Florida’s Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz joked about Donald Trump’s tendency to affix his name to his properties. He suggested ironically that if Trump’s name was going to be associated with a federal structure, it might as well be in an appropriate way. Moskowitz pointed out Trump’s many legal problems, including the multiple indictments he faces.

In his view, renaming the prison near Mar-a-Lago after the former president would be a fitting tribute given these circumstances.

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Both bills are likely to stall due to the divided legislative chambers, of course.

Democrats control the Senate, where the GOP would be unable to rename Dulles.

The Republican-led House of Representatives does not approve of the Democrats’ proposal to rename the prisons.

However, it shows that the controversy surrounding the former U.S. president is still alive… and that U.S. representatives still have some time for humor.

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