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Denis Villeneuve wins his bet, Dune 2 dominates the box office
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Dune: Part Two was the biggest opening weekend of 2024, grossing $81.5 million (US) in North America and $178.5 million worldwide!

Denis Villeneuve wins his bet in style!

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According to critics everywhere, Villeneuve has now established himself as one of the world’s elite directors – something we already knew, let’s face it.

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Dune: Part Two should take advantage of spring breaks around north america to extend its cinematic reign!

This financial success will also give a boost to the 2024 box office, which got off to a slow start, with receipts 13.5% lower than last year, despite a greater number of releases.

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Have you seen or will you be seeing Dune 2 in cinemas?

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