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Did Madonna nearly die of a drug overdose?

When singer Madonna, 64, was hospitalized on June 24, the star’s representatives explained that she spent several days in intensive care to fight a serious bacterial infection.

However, it seems that when she was found unconscious at home, and before being rushed to hospital, the star had received an injection of Narcan!

Narcan injections are generally used in cases of drug or medication overdose, and is directly linked to opioids, so many people are wondering whether Madonna actually overdosed…

A Radar Online source even claims that with this injection, Madonna had been brought back from the dead!

The star was reportedly intubated as soon as she arrived in intensive care, and spent several days hooked up to a respirator, where those close to her truly feared the worst.

While Madonna has put her tour on hold and is still resting at home, it remains difficult for the moment to shed any light on these events…

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