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Did Trump deliberately destroy compromising images at Mar-a-Lago?

Did the Trump clan deliberately flood a Mar-a-Lago room containing the servers for the surveillance system at the former president’s Florida residence?

At least, that’s what prosecutors think in the case over the top secret documents held at Mar-a-Lago, by the former president, and illegally!

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According to CNN and the prosecutors on the case, after a series of rather dubious events, an employee allegedly drained the Mar-a-Lago swimming pool last October, and the water ended up very suspiciously in the Mar-a-Lago basement room where the computer system and surveillance video recordings of the entire golf club, including Trump’s personal residence, would be.

The troubling incident reportedly came some time after a second request from the FBI and Justice Department to retain additional surveillance camera footage related to the case.

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A Mar-a-Lago employee was reportedly met by prosecutors following the bizarre incidents, and according to CNN, computer equipment was fortunately not damaged in the flood.

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But now we learn tonight (June 8) that Donald Trump will be charged with at least seven counts related to the Mar-A-Lago documents case!

Stay tuned…

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