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Drake bets over $1M in Bitcoin on Super Bowl LVIII
Credit: Getty Images

Drake, true to form, is making a spectacular sports bet on the heels of tonight’s (February 11) Super Bowl.

The Canadian music superstar is placing $1,150,000 on the Kansas City Chiefs, in Bitcoin no less, arguing that he simply can’t “bet against the Swifties”.

Drake is of course referring to his musical counterpart Taylor Swift, who has been dating Chiefs star Travis Kelce for some time.

Drake is therefore picking Taylor and the Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVIII, a bet that would pay just over 2.3 million, again in Bitcoin, should he win.

So, are you Team Chiefs/Drake/Taylor, or would you like to see the San Francisco 49ers crush all those fine hopes?

After all, Drake is known for his Drake curse in the sports world… but more on that later!

Happy Super Bowl!

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