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Dream job: candy tester for $100,000 a year!
Would you do this kind of job?

If you’re looking for a job, we found a particularly interesting one for you: professional candy tester for a Canadian company!

That’s right, the Candy Funhouse company, founded in 2018 near Toronto, has published a quite enticing job offer to become “ChiefCandy Officer”.

This job, which is done from home, would pay $100,000 a year and enjoy delicious candy. Anyone can apply, even children 5 years and older (with parental permission and supervision, of course). Isn’t this a dream job!

Some of the duties include tasting candy, but also leading “candy council” meetings, being the company’s chief tester and many other fun things.

Since the job announcement last July, several thousand people have reportedly already applied. No doubt Candy Funhouse will soon find its new Chief Candy Officer!
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