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Drew Barrymore’s stalker arrested… while stalking Emma Watson!

Drew Barrymore’s stalker, wanted by police after missing his appointment to have a court-ordered monitoring bracelet fitted, was finally arrested in New York after allegedly trying to get dangerously close to… Emma Watson!

According to TMZ, the man in question managed to evade Fashion Week security and ended up in a packed model make-up dressing room. Chad Michael Busto reportedly repeatedly asked to see Emma Watson.

“I want to marry Emma Watson. Let me talk to Emma Watson. Let me take a picture with Emma Watson,” he reportedly said.

The stalker of Drew Barrymore… and now Emma Watson, was reportedly arrested when police arrived and now faces two counts of disorderly conduct and two counts of trespassing.

These new charges are in addition to recent events in which Busto allegedly attempted to approach Drew Barrymore on several occasions, resulting in a court order for him to have a monitoring bracelet installed, an appointment he missed.

“You know who I am, I need to see you (…)” he had told Barrymore in one terrifying incident.

He had since been officially wanted by California authorities.

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