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Elon Musk at the White House with Donald Trump?
Credit: Getty Images
According to Axios and the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump would consider appointing controversial billionaire Elon Musk as an advisor, should he return to the White House following the fall 2024 elections.

Although rivals in the field of social networking, the two men have reportedly engaged in several discussions since March, marking a surprising turning point. These exchanges would have begun as part of Trump’s efforts to woo as many wealthy donors as possible.

Getty Images
Among the topics discussed between Trump and Musk are immigration, the economy, and the business sectors that the Tesla founder holds particularly close to his heart.

When asked several weeks ago, Musk said he had no plans to contribute financially to either Trump’s or Biden’s election campaigns, and would not commit to supporting Trump… at least for now.

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Musk ‘s precise role and responsibilities in a potential Trump administration remain to be defined, and discussions between the two have remained confidential. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the men found common ground considering their capitalist streak, as well as their ideas of grandeur that sometimes turn to absurdity.

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