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Elon Musk was quick to block this infamous Twitter account!
Since he acquired Twitter at a cost of $44 billion, Elon Musk has been very variable in managing moderation.

That said, after promising not to delete the account reporting his jet’s travels, he finally turned his cap on suspending it!

Beforehand, he had mentioned that his commitment to free speech forbade him to block the account that follows his jet, even if it represented a risk to his personal safety.

This student-run account, which has no less than 500,000 followers (@ElonJet), has not been shy about using public data to inform people about Musk‘s movements in the sky.

It’s true that “if the data is public,” it can be shared. In the Twitter rules, there is the point that data from other sites can be deposited there.

If Musk and his team have deleted the @ElonJet account, the personal account of the student, Jack Sweeney, is still accessible.

Recall that Musk’s leaked messages since his purchase of Twitter are very contradictory of what is and isn’t allowed, especially since he himself crosses the line too often.

For example, he reinstated Donald Trump’s account, but suspended Kanye West’s.

By the way, the teenager who posts Musk’s private jet movements is now sharing them from Facebook and Instagram, obviously.

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